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About Me


Howdy! My name is Samantha Kamen, better known as "Sam." I have been in the equine industry for over 20 years. I have been involved in all aspects including Thoroughbred racing and breeding, equine veterinary technician, equine transportation, along with a succesful show jumping career. Although all those things have made me a well rounded equine individual my focus today is on raising American Quarter Horses the way they were meant to be; tough, stout, athletic individuals with cow sense and the ability to be an all around using horse! I also enjoy team roping, colt starting and a nice ride thru western mountains. I prefer to be out in the pasture working cattle or in the arena fine-tuning an up and coming colt. I do not not follow any particular "methods" of training, but using natural ideals with the ability to read and understand horses I have found this to work best for myself and the horses. I look forward to sharing my expriances with you!


"Blessed is the man too busy to worry during the day,

and too tired to worry at night"



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